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CHARGErForward 1 min read
Funny how a car, some attention and eyeballs will change the way YOU can do business. Ready to give it a TRY?

Three years ago, The Wilkerson family acquired, “The Eagle” - a 2018 Dodge Charger R/T. For the uninitiated, it’s essentially a silver rocket ship with people in it that just heralded over 100,000 traveled miles. Y’see, each weekend, they choose a compass direction, and drive up to 2 hours. They stop, get something to eat, check out the sights to be seen and then - head back home. What started as a family tradition to get out and about during the worldwide Pandemic, has turned into a very interesting business set. The photos, the reviews, and the ongoing stories of a family and their vehicle have just celebrated 10 MILLION views of their photos, reviews and more. Have YOU got a business that needs a solid shot in the arm, to bolster your social media process and business spirit? | Be sure to check out MORE about what’s going on with The CHARGErForward Effort now!

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