What. Is. The. (Next) Matrix Feature Film?

Perspective Reviews 1 min read
What do you remember about the 1999 original? Learn what we thought now!

There is ANOTHER feature film that brings Neo, Trinity, and lots of guns into the mainstream again. Where did it all start? What got the blood running back in 1999 when this feature film came out? The 2GuysTalking Perspective Review Podcast of The Matrix (1999) not only digs in with always-original, deep-dive dissection, but also provides listeners with Matt Bauer - a dynamic firearms training instructor that delivers details about EVERY SINGLE FIREARM utilized inside The Matrix! You will also find a series of shownotes for this episode that is the DEFINITIVE series of links to Matrix-based information and content. So it’s time to make a choice: Are yo ugoing to add this chapter to your collective Matrix database in prelude to seeing the next issucance? Or are you going to take the Blue Pill? | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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