COVID-19 Got You Video Conferencing? You’ll Need a Good, Affordable Headset for That...

CHARGErForward 1 min read
If you’ve got a lick of sense, then you’ll also have a great headset when you video conference during COVID-19

You can always think that “everyone LOVES it when my voice echoes, is booming and features - FEEDBACK” but when it comes down to it, you and all of those you video conference with will appreciate you having a good, solid, affordable set of headphones. While you can now easily spend a couple of hundred dollars on a set that’ll get the job done, did you know that there’s one available, for just $24 bucks, that’ll also get you all taken care of? CHARGErForward’s Driver, Tech Review Artist and Talk Show Host Mike Wilkerson has the details on a great set that’ll hook you up - if you act NOW that is... | Watch the Video Now!

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