Who Remembers the ORIGINAL Avatar (2009)?

Perspective Reviews 1 min read
There’s a new follow up in theaters this week - we’re curious: Who remembers THE ORIGINAL?

The original (2009) Avatar, a culmination of 14+ years from director James Cameron, was a marvel of technology, 3-D presentations and expectations. Today, it still reins supreme on top of the film-making-corn-combine-of-cash heap. With the first of MULTIPLE sequels hitting the theater this weekend, we want to know - what do YOU remember of the original? Time to tell The 2GuysTalking Perspective Review Staff as you take a spin down history lane and see what THEY thought of it! Also be sure to check out the most-comprehensive listing of Avatar (2009)-centric links available to get your full feature film fill of Avatar - before you get out to the sequel! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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