Have You Had the COVID Conversation Yet?

Digitally Dispatched 1 min read
When COVID-19 comes knocking on your door - what is your plan? Have you started the conversation?

What exactly is YOUR plan if/when COVID-19 comes knocking on your door? Have you and your loved ones, coworkers, employees and others even contemplated the conversation much less had it? COVID-19 has generated and continues to generate questions, feelings and misunderstands. Are you ready to collect some important seeds that will enable you and those you care about to have the conversation about COVID-19 to help propel 2021 as we usher in the New Year? This episode of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast, hosted by Police Dispatcher Lisa Moore showcases perspective, details and information from a local Police Chief, a Tech Content Generator and an Infectious Disease Specialist. Ready to start changing the way you learn about and (hopefully) talk about COVID-19? | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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