Hey Doctors: Ready to Interact with The Media?

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast 1 min read
So many things need to be taken into account when a doctor connects with the media - Are YOU ready?

“Dear Dr. ______”, starts the Email or voicemail. “I am ________ from the __cool media outlet name__ and we’d like to connect with you about _______________ and have your perspective on it.” What have you as, as a physician, learned to do when it comes to interacting with the media? There’s a lot more to communicating with the media than just returning a call or Email message. Not sure what we’re referring to? Think you know it all already? Get educated now with the input from Dr. Mark Halstead who welcomes a professional “spin doctor” to get you up to speed on what to consider when it’s time to connect and share with the media inside the most-recent episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

news information library public notification interacting with the media communicating with the media spin doctor becoming a credicle resource being part of the solution coneying a doctors perspective enduring you are the soecialist they want referring the media to the right person referring the media to the right people protecting your perpspective and message preserving the context of what you are saying