Horrifically Satisfying: Monster Magazines

2GuysTalkingHorror 1 min read
Do YOU Remember - MAGAZINES? 2GuysTalkingHorror Sure Does and Shares...

Depending on how old you are or - more pointedly, how you take in your entertainment today, you may or may NOT remember or can even contemplate the concept of a "monster magazine industry." While it was select, and a niche in it's day, the value of the photo collages, interviews and their "bleeding" into feature films and television of the day were legendary. Looking for the newest bloody "thing" that's coming up? Keep your gaze affixed on the next issue of Fangoria. Curious to know what will slither onto the silver screen this summer? Dig in with a shovel and both hands into the the next tantalizing issue of Monster magazine. There's a lot to remember, revel in and LEARN when it comes to monster magazines, and The 2GuysTalkingHorror team has it all here for you inside this episode! | Listen to the Podcast!

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