In a Time of Crisis - a Self-Care Kit is a Must...

Animal Academy 1 min read
Times and Lives have changed - are you ready to take it all on or need a little help?

The last month in the US has shown all of us that our way of lives not only change, but will continue to do so - whether we want it to, whether we’re ready, or even if we have a plan. The fact is that you are often the master of your own destiny, and while that sounds daunting, there are places on the Internet to get suggestions, direction and thought that can help you during a time of crisis. Animal Academy Podcast host Allison White has a very special episode that helps you understand the twists and turns in her life that may just offer you what you’ll need. It’s her “Self-Care Kit” and is the focus of this episode of her program! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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