It’s 2:14am, August 29th - The TERMINATOR has Just Arrived: Now What?

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It’s August 29th again – and Judgment Day arrives once more on everyone’s calendars. It’s the movie that keeps on giving, and will not stop – UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD! It launched a franchise, careers and a movement inside of feature film fandom that cannot be denied. The movie that started it all wasn’t planned as a mega hit but, James Cameron’s story, characters, storytelling and film making skill set all bonded together to create a bold, endearing statement that left deep impact on moviegoers forever. What kind of Hype was there? What kind of money did it make? What was great about the project and more importantly – where did it miss the mark? The details of the franchise, all of these bits and a rating are all housed inside The Perspective Review of 1984’s The TERMINATOR assure you that you should “Listen to This Podcast If You Want to Live!

The Podcast that absolutely will not stop - until you are dead! The TERMINATOR Perspective Review
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