John D. Lemay (Ryan Dallion) from Friday The 13th: The Series - Where Is He Now?

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From Feedback to An Interview In-Studio via Teleconference Suite - This is John D. Lemay...

The show? Friday The 13th: The Series. The topic? NOTHING TO DO WITH HOCKEY MASKS, giant knives or anything that has to do with the ongoing murder of love-gushing teens inside of 84-minute cinematic marvels. This show is an 80s cult classic that provided us with the ongoing mission-based salvage of cursed antiques! Two cousins, Ryan Dallion (John D. Lemay) and Micki Foster (Robey), propelled by the knowledge conveyed by one Jack Marshak (Chris Wiggins) were able to provide us almost three whole seasons of a television series that is loved by all. Two seasons in, John D. Lemay chose to have himself written out of the show and well - it’s time fo find out what happened. What is John’s take on working in Canada? What was going on inside of John’s mind as he chose to have his character written off? What has John’s been up to since the end of the program? We’ll find out inside the most-recent episode of The Curious Goods Podcast - an Always Educational Review of Each and Every Episode of Friday The 13th: The Series as they welcome on Actor, Director and a hero from the past to many - John D. Lemay... | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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