Snakes, Lightning & Pediatric Sports Medicine - Oh My!

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast 1 min read
It’s Not Really About Muder Hornets, Scampering Away from Hungy Bears - But It’s STILL Vital...

As the world begins to unfold from the dark, worldwide veil of COVID-19, people are beginning to venture back into the parks and outdoor recreational areas that are beginning to re-open to the masses. While it may sound like something small, being prepared when you venture out into the outdoors requires something more than just a jacket and sunscreen. While small problems typically ARE small problems, those small problems, and the much more exotic outdoor dangers become something completely different when you’re away from the civilization. Time to gear up for the most-recent episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast, where Dr. Mark Halstead visits with colleague Dr. Andrew Gregory who shares a variety of incredibly important items to remember when you and those you love and care for venture out into “The Wilderness... | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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