The End of All Things Agents of SHIELD - is at Hand...

Agents of SHIELD Podcast 1 min read
It’s likely one of the best shows - you never saw. Are YOU taking the last several steps with The Agents of SHIELD?

The television-based tentacle of Marvel, that showcases the weekly escapades (13 weeks at a time, lately) of the organization SHIELD - is coming to an end. Have you been watching it over the last 7 seasons? If you started and fell off the wagon, guys, it’s time to get back aboard. For those of you that have made it to the two-hours-left mark - it’s time to dig in deep with your friends from The Agents of SHIELD Podcast! The program has been covering it since inception and Mike and NIck are providing some incredible deatail that will get your mind running, your Marvel-fan motor pumping and your organized fandom blood flowing. Are you ready to learn all of the educational details about television writing? What makes people satisfied when taking in sequential content? The tethers (or lack thereof) to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU?) It’s time for the most-recent Agents of SHEILD Podcast! An Always-Educational Review of each and every episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC and Hulu-streaming: This time, it’s the pentultimate episode, Season 7, Episode 12, The End is at Hand... | Listen to The Podcast Now!

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