Water, Water Everywhere - But Especially at Home

The Green Gab 1 min read
Do You Know How Much Water You Use at Home? You May Be Floored by How Much You Use...

We're certain you can remember the first time someone asked if you "turn off the water intermittently while you brush your teeth" or if you take the time to shower quickly to cut down on water usage at home. While these things are important, one of the most impactful is to think, "what if I had to carry all of the water I'm going to use - into my home - myself?" When you use that to lay over your perspective of water usage at home, what changes? What alterations would you make to ensure you've got what you need and want, but are still making an effort to be "green?" Marla Esser Cloos, The Green Home Coach leads a discussion that everyone should have not only with yourselves, but with every one that lives in your home to understand "The Water We're Using at Home" inside the most-recent episode of The Green Gab Podcast! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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