What Is Compassion Fatigue? We’ll Find Out from Patricia Smith...

Animal Academy 1 min read
It’s effects will creep up on you. Are YOU suffering from Compassion Fatigue? Find out now!

There is a lot of information to read on compassion. There is even more information available for fatigue, but - what on EARTH is “Compassion Fatigue?” Whether your a healthcare professional, or dealing with animals on a regular basis , or - just another person that cares deeping about something you cherish - you just may be suffering from Compassion Fatigue. It’s time to learn about establishing healthy boundaries, learning to incorporate “deteched compassion” and how to prevent Compassion Fatigue from creeping into your life. Listen to the most-recent episode of The Animal Academy Podcast with host Allison White, who welcomes Compassion Fatigue Processional Patricia Smith to share what you need to know. | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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