What’s on the Horizon with Athletes Infected with COVID-19?

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast 1 min read
The Data is Only Now Coming In - How Will COVID-19 Impact Our Youth Athletes?

The COVID-19 experience continues to evolve, and divulge it’s secrets as more testing, data and the perspectives of thos that survive are cultivated, documented and stored as information to propel future action. When it comes to the realm of sports, one thing is sure: There will be infected athletes in the future. What isn’t sure is just how COVID-19 will impact the athletes, coaches, trainers, and the doctors that will all need to join together to boldly step forward into future athletic efforts. Don’t miss the next episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast, where Dr. Mark Halstead welcomes four experts to offer opinion and recommendations that will soon be enacted in arenas, stadiums and practice venues everywhere in an effort to build structure to continue the bold fight against COVID-19. | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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