When the "Bad Guy" Won't Die...

Television Review 1 min read
Even After 4 Shots to the 10-Ring, the Bad Guy Doesn't Die - He Becomes Stronger. Now What?

Every story, since time began, features a bad guy. When stories bother to take what is supposed to be the "bad" guy, and give you a twist, it's often a welcome flavor that adds punch, pizzazz and makes you lean in even further. What happens when you "kill" the bad guy, but he won't die? What happens when the character you thought was bad, was dead, is now - somehow - a facsimile of someone you've cared deeply for, for more than a decade? For those that haven't latched onto the ABC/Hulu-streaming Marvel Property, "Agents of SHIELD" - it's time to. The quality of the storytelling, the incredibly twisty-turns that are given and the COMPLETELY ORIGINAL tapestry that's being created offer a truly satisfying experience. Not sure what we're talking about? That's alright! You can listen to the only podcast that provides you and "educational review of each and every episode" now! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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