Who Doesn’t Want to Talk to Halle Berry on the Phone?

Digitally Dispatched 1 min read
A professional Crisis Negotiator & real-life Police Dispatcher tell you ALL about 2013’s “The Call...”

There was a day when you couldn’t just - walk over to the table, pick up a phone received and instantly be connected to someone that’s going to save your day and/or life. The 911 system has seen many changes over the years, with recent advents providing us with now remote, mobile tracking, instantaneous call-bridges and more that seem like something out of science fiction - or ARE they? Be sure to check out a very special Perspective Review Podcast where real-life Police Dispatcher Lisa Moore, host of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast & professional Crisis Negotiator Pat Doering team up to provide you an ultra-deep dive into what we see provided by Hollywood inside 2013’s ‘The Call”, starring Halle Berry. You will be SHOCKED at what they got “right” and what’s simply a giant Hollywood’d sandwich! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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