Your Podcast Launch MUST Include Thousands of Dollars in Equipment...

Podcast Gauntlet 1 min read
Ah - time to gin up a podcast and go THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INTO DEBT!

There are many ways that you can increase the quality of your podcast game, but you wanna’ know the one that’ll have the most impact? It’s time to stretch budgets, wallets and credit scores and spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on equipment to “take your podcast to the next level...” Of IS IT? There are MANY “hallmarks, benchmarks, must-dos” and more that are self-destructive, but few will ever have the impact dumping loads of money into equipment acquisition. Time to let OG Podcast Mike Wilkerson and Top Tier Audio Owner Bryan Entzminger share their perspectives to help guide you to REAL success in podcasting... | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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