2019 Comic Con Floor Announcements - UnEarthed!

My Big Fat Pull List Podcast 1 min read
You Don't Need to Spend the Money to Go to ComicCon! Get ALL of Your Information From The Big Fat Pull List Guys!

For those that haven't ever been to Comic Con inside of San Diego during the dead-Summer of each year - you ARE missing out on a lot. But you're also missing out on a lot of things that go unsung, unshared and to be straight with you: Unwanted. The heat. The crowds. The lines. The costs. The required patience. The inability to to be in multiple rooms at the same time. The impossibility to take it all in - ever. These might seem like overwhelming reason to NEVER to go Comic Con but the fact is - you should GO to Comic Con if you can. For those that have taken the reality pill, there IS an option that costs you nothing - but the time to listen! It's time for another episode of The My Big Fat Pull List Podcast, where you'll get educated three-ways from Geeks just like you! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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