Great Movies Recognized by Oscar - But Not Comic Book Movies...

My Big Fat Pull List Podcast 1 min read
With Evolving, Rich Storytelling, Characters and Thick Puzzle-piece Fits, They are Commonly Forgotten by Oscar

The stories that were once featured in four color pages have now come to cinemas worldwide and are leaving an ever-growing pile of money, prestige, and legacy in their wake. What's missing from their crafted history in the annuls of the entertainment industry? Any recognition from The Academy of Motion Pictures - Oscar - of any kind in general. For those that think that the movies "featuring those in spandex" or "the bullet proof, paper-thin characters" aren't worth the time of moviegoers much less the attention spans of Oscar - well - they're sorely miseducated. There are untold numbers of comic book films that are worthy of Oscar gold, and everyone's attention span. Which ones are YOUR favorites? It's time to check out what The My Big Fat Pull List Team have on their listings and revel inside of a genre of film that has literally now taken the ideas only once available via pen and paper into the imaginations and eyes of us all. | Listen to the Podcast!

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