Right, But What If The Flash - Wasn't Fast?

My Big Fat Pull List Podcast 1 min read
What Can Be Said for "What-Ifs?" We Focus on the Comics that Ask the Big Questions...

We all have asked it about our own lives. While we can't change the things that are, have been, we can read, visit and revel in the stories, characters and times detailed in the stories of "Elseworlds" and "What-Ifs" when it comes to comic books. The tried and tested trio of hosts inside The My Big Fat Pull List Podcast dig in deep to venture into the questions that make us think. What is YOUR favorite Elseworld or What-If story? Be sure to listen to their most-recent episode and tell them what stories you've read or would like to see when it comes to the worlds of what if! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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