A Radio, Cursed by the Devil, Delivers Hate, Racism and True Just-Deserts...

Curious Goods 1 min read
Hate is Hate - no matter WHEN it happens. Time to review another episode of the cult-classic, Friday The 13th: The Series!

The deal was simple: a classic 1954 Chevy car radio. Pretty unassuming, right? It would be, of course except his radio has been cursed - by the DEVIL! The continued hunt and recovery of cursed antiques to protect others was a tried and true storytelling powerhouse 30+years ago and The Curious Goods Podcast is ready to share more great details with you! Do you remember this cult classic series that dealt with a listing of cursed-by-the-Devil antiques? Hate, Racism, and true just desserts are all a part of the most-recent Retelling, Revisit and Complete Educational Detailing of Friday The 13th> The Series via The Curious Goods Podcast! This time, it’s their review of Season 3, Episode 7 - Hate on Your Dial... | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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