A Penny for Your Thoughts - Courtesy of The Devil...

Curious Goods 1 min read
What does this episode of the cult-classic “Friday the 13th: The Series hold for us? Find out now!

Just about anyone is ready to give their two cents when it comes to television review. Finding stories, especially memorable ones that stand the test of time isn’t easy but when you’ve got two passionate, dedicated seasoned podcasters ready to share their thoughts of a 30+ year-old cult classic, the value goes WAY UP - this time by at least a penny - a CURSED PENNY that is! Time to unravel the story of a Devil-cursed penny as Mike and Nick share another episode of The Curious Goods Podcast - a Retelling, a Revisit and an Always-Educational Detailing of each and every episode of Friday the 13th: The Series! This time, they polish up Season 3, Episode 6, “Bad Penny...” | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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