A Sequel from Season 1 - of a Dead Series...

Curious Goods 1 min read

The value of good storytelling is that - in the end - you can go back to the well and utilize the same style storytelling again and the audiences not only takes it in, but stacks it to create something new, better and even more memorable. Inside the most-recent episode of The Curious Goods Podcast, they once again visit a DEAD series (Friday The 13th: The Series - CURSED ANTIQUES, NOT HOCKEY MASKS!) from 30 years ago, that is utilizing an episode from the previous season of that same dead, 30+ year old show as an origin point - and stacking on to it? That's right. Was this "sequel" successful? Do they capture the same magic that the original episode did and craft something new, memorable and lasting? There's only one way to find out! | Listen to the Podcast!

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