CTE: A WWE Superstar Discusses It’s “Impact”

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast 1 min read
College Football Lineman & WWE Superstar shares details about CTE studies, research, education & more...

Playing contact sports is going to include having “your bell rung,” right? When you think of two lines of 300-pound men smashing into each other head first you might think it’s just “another football game” and not think too much of it. When you see an entire evening filled with 250-pound men leaping elbow-first from the top turnbuckle at a professional wrestling event, that is only one of hundreds of shows over a career, you might not think to much of that either. The fact is, however, the contact sports, their “impact” and their long term effects for the people that engage in them are a real concern. The most-recent episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast features Dr. Mark Halstead, who welcomes former college football lineman & WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski who - after a career-ending concussion, has become the real-world warrior of those suffering with CTE and carries on the legacy of those that have died from it. Are you ready to hear the most recent thoughts, concepts and research about CTE and how you can help? | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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