Fall Means Change - So Do Books and Movies About Werewolves...

Versus Machine 1 min read

Whether it's the changing of the seasons, in this case Sweaty Summer to Spooky Fall, or when a cassock-clad man, transforms into a Werewolf, the act is amazing, full of descriptions and and sight to behold. Never has this been more the case than during the most-recent episode of The Versus Machine Podcast - Comparing Great things! In this episode, you'll learn the differences between two great media: One a book/novella, the other? A movie derived from the the source materials. While they both feature werewolves, and sleepy east-coast towns as a backdrop for moons, mayhem and man-wolves, you'll be surprised just how different these two items truly are. Are you ready to experience The Versus Machine in action? Engage the machine now and "Listen to The Podcast!"

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