Remember, Remember, The 5th of November - Again...

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Learn the Differences Between the Two Now! Engage The Versus Machine Podcast!

Politics are always a very touchy subject - until they appear inside a graphic novel or Hollywood feature film that is! In 1988, Alan Moore and David Lloyd created a limited edition series of comics that showcased an alternative future where an Anarchist freedom fighter known as "V" and Evey - a young working class woman are the focus of a detective trying to stop a massive. V's plan is wide-reaching and will change the United Kingdom forever. In 2005 a movie featuring Lord of the Rings and The Matrix star Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, and Stephen Rea was crafted to showcased the same story but the question remains: How are the two different? Join the Versus Machine Podcast as they pit The 1988 Graphic Novel VERSUS The 2005 feature film, "V for Vendetta! Listen to the Podcast!

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