Have They Run Away? You Don’t Have to “Wait 24 Hours to Report It...”

Digitally Dispatched 1 min read
Local Police 911 Dispatchers and those in Law Enforcement are Eager to Help You Find Your Loved Ones...

They’ve said their piece. They’ve dashed out the door. You have no idea where they’ve gone, but you’re concerned. In today’s general family environment, there are many reasons that today’s youth “run away”. The National Runaway Switchboard has determined that more than 2 million of today’s youth runaway each year in the United States. What are you supposed to do when it happens? What CAN do you do when it happens? Do you have to “wait 24 hours before you can report someone as a runaway/is missing?” NO! You don’t. There are so many sage tales and pieces of misinformation out there. Get all you need to know about how to find your loved ones now, with the help of 20+year veteran Police Dispatcher, Lisa Moore inside the most-recent episode of The Digitally Dispatched Podcast! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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