Roads Filled with Rage & Consequences: How Do You Navigate Them?

Digitally Dispatched 1 min read
The turn of a wheel, the slightest touch of a toe, or the strangest glance can change everything forever...

We all have been angry while traveling at one time or another. Whether you be a seasoned driver, or the newest student driver that can’t believe what another driver “did to you” - we have all been on the wrong end of someone doing something errant while behind the wheel. What comes NEXT is the part of the interaction that far too many engage in that always requires thought, perspective and patience - none of which are present as you begin to present the Tallest Finger Salute or share a not-so-friendly colorful metaphor. Road Rage isn’t just a growing phenomenon on America’s highways, it’s becoming one of the deadliest platforms of interactvity that needs far more attention and scrutiny than it is given at the time any of the incidents occur. Time to let Police Dispatcher Lisa Moore share some of the stories and some personal perspective to help you understand how vital it is that you also give Road Rage special extra attention no matter which part of it you’re involved in... | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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