Heroin Addiction & The Swiss Solution - in the US?

WadeSense 1 min read
Control, Clean & Cure – Could The Swiss Solution To The Opioid Crisis Work On U.S. Soil?

There can be NO DENYING that heroin addiction is a real and prominent crisis inside the borders of the United States. Wouldn't it be interested if a solution could be devised and then implemented inside of our own borders? Did you know that there is a "Swiss Solution" that has taken at least one of their most-prominent cities and added function, success and a future to many heroin addicts - all provided by their governement? Could it work here, inside the US? Find out all about it now from a St. Louis-based Taxi Cab Driver and he ponders problems, comes up with solutions and asks YOU what you think of his offerings. It's all inside the most-recent episode of WadeSense! | Listen to the Podcast!

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