The First Amendment - Everyone Knows What It "Does" - Don't They? Nope.

WadeSense 1 min read
What Did The Founders Think and "Want" When It Comes to Today's Topics, Discussions and "Rights?"

Today's discussions, activities and "protests" are wonders to behold because - the game has changed and continues to evolve almost by the hour. Those who are paid to protest - do. Those who want to make points no matter what the fallout, damage and consideration (or not) also do, and everyone that's in front of the microphones, keyboards and loudspeakers are screaming "FIRST AMENDMENT!" One has to wonder though - are they right? Does the First Amendment to the Constitution "cover" what they're doing, saying and professing? It's a question that is trumped by only one other: "How Do We Make the 1st Amendment Fit the 21st Century? Find out what sense a St. Louis-based Taxi Cab Driver shares inside the most-recent episode of WadeSense... | Listen to the Podcast!

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