Gun Control - Should It Start with Our Kids?

WadeSense 1 min read
If You'll Tech Them to Drive Early, Why Wouldn't Gun Knowledge Start Early?

There are many perspectives when it comes to Guns. You may think that we'd all be a lot safer if there just weren't any. Perhaps you believe that those who don't have and don't care for guns should just get a grip and deal with it. What both sides can agree on is that the knowledge and usage of guns is vital can often have a life or lives hanging in the delicate balance. What if we were to take the concepts of educating our children, and learning about guns (safety, usage, concepts, etc) and combine them? The fundamental question suddenly becomes - Does Gun Control Need to Start with Our Kids? See what a local St. Louis-based cab driver has concepted and see if you're ready to support his ideas or go in another direction! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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