Is It Time to Kill American Allure?

WadeSense 1 min read
The Caravan is Coming - What Can We Do, How, and When? WadeSense has Ideas...

The land of the Free – the home of the Brave. America. It’s the place that everyone wants to go, and the place we all know that we couldn’t live without. It’s an ideal and a dream that’s been written about since the beginning of our country. It’s the item that makes millions of tears well each year during elections – both good and bad, and makes all of us inside this country realize just how lucky we were to be born here. There are other dreams and visions that are born also however – by those that aren’t here inside THIS COUNTRY yet. WadeSense has one question for you as we start this episode: Is It Time to Kill American Allure…? Listen to the Podcast!

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