How Does the Social Just Warrior Generation - End?

WadeSense 1 min read
The Experience, Regardless of Which Way You Lean - is One that's Memorable - and Needs to End

For those that aren't familiar with the term, you are probably familiar with the perspective, showcase, and fuses that are lit from the behavior. Finding "progressive" thought is a hunt that many have as a piece of their personal lexicon, but becoming a Social Justice Warrior twists this hunt into something with true negative impact. Their behavior tends to have a negative impact on all-things Civil Rights movement, repelling potential allies and fueling those that will always be their detractors. Wondering what a St. Louis Taxi Cab driver thinks about all of it and - how to END it? Check out the most recent episode of WadeSense. | Listen to the Podcast!

civil rights progressive thought fueling bigots negative impact on society