Learning, Collaboration & Colleagues Converge at the Upcoming PRISM Society Annual (Virtual) Meeting: What is The PRISM Society?

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast 1 min read
Networking, learning and fostering the health and development of every young athlete on the planet...

There are many ways to learn in life, but when it comes to collecting the most satisfaction when it comes to the process of learning, it needs to be fun, diverse and something that makes you want to come back for more. The PRISM Society, which is having a conference later this month (January, 2021) is someting that every professional that is fostering the heath and development of all young athletes on the planet. Learn more about The PRISM Society now via the most-recent episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast with Dr. Mark Halstead who welcomes a variety of fellow professionals from The PRISM Socienty, past, present and future, that share their experience with The PRISM Society and how you can benefit at their upcoming event! | Listen to The Podcast Now!

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