Learning the True Value of A Dog Training Mentor - Who Is Charlotte Mielziner

Animal Academy 1 min read
Positive Motivation Training has Impact when it comes to Dog Training - Ready to learn more?

Few things help young adults become quickly responsible faster than teaching them how to train a dog. Once the lesson is shared, and thereby taught to the young adult dog trainer, who then shares and has success with the dogs they’re training, the enrichment, positive reinforcement and value is tremendous. Ready to hear the stories of the learning process, lives, and animals that have all have positive results, thanks to the reinforcement from Charlotte Mielziner over the years? Time to listen to the most-recent episode of The Animal Academy Podcast, where host Allison White welcomes Charlotte to share just a few of her many detailed stories that showcase the true value of one who has earned the moniker, “Mentor.” } Listen to the Podcast Now!

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