Conditioning Programs for Dogs & the Deep Bond Generated by Canine Rehabilitation Therapy - A Conversation with Chris Zink DCM, PhD, DACVP, DACVSMR

Animal Academy 1 min read
X-Rays to NOT tell the whole tale all of the time. Learn why one step at a time matters when it comes to canine rehabilitation.

The lines of rehabilitation in HUMAN sports is clear. You find what the problem is, you make a plan of intervention, schedule rehabilitation for the individual according to their abilities, and within weeks - they’re back in the game. Why did it take SO LONG for this very common-sensical process and concept to be applied also to canine athletes? Animal Academy Podcast host Allison White welcomes long-time friend and trailblazer in animal rehabilitation Chris Zink to chat about this process and more of what all of the scientific data collect for and by humans, and how it can be applied to dogs to help them also develop to have healthy outgoing lives. Ready to experience a bunch of lightbulb moments? | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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