The Newest COVID-19 Question: Will There Be Fall Sports?

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast 1 min read
Lives are crated by sports, but it a world of COVID-19 as the Fall Begins, “Will Sports Also Begin?”

For any that have participated in organized sports, you’ll know all about the unique experience, values and direction they lend to not only the players of those sports, but also the life of each of the people that raise the children, watch the games and participate in the function that is Fall sports. In a year that has been altered forever by COVID-19. In a year that has paved the way to destinations unknown in so many of life’s avenues, the question must be asked. Are Sports Happening This Fall? Time to get all of the answers and even a few lightbulbs that’ll (hopefully) change the way you understand the impact of youth sports with Dr. Mark Halstead, host of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast. Inside this episode, he welcome a variety of physicians that share the details that are shaping what’s to come in fall youth sports... | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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