The Robust World of Veterinary Cancer Research - A Conversation with Kim Selting, DVM

Animal Academy 1 min read
There’s something new learned every day in the realm of Cancer Research - Time to find out about all of it!

Cancer research processes and findings have come a long way since it all began. Keeping up with all of it isn’t just a massive task, it’s one that delivers life-altering information, details and enhancements regularly. How can one stay aware of the items that matter, especially when it comes to Veterinary Oncology, that eventually finds it’s way to the solutions, alterations and procedures that occur inside of the processes that impact humans? It’s time to learn all about it with Animal Academy Podcast host, Allison White, who welcomes Dr. Kim Selting - who delivers massive information, details and hope when it comes to understanding the ground-breaking benefits of Veterinary Cancer Research & Clinical Trials! It’s all inside the most-recent episode! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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