What is 4-H and Who are The Roving Rovers? A Conversation with Ella Palutis

Animal Academy 1 min read
Young Adults have many options nowadays, but one of them is genering a legacy larger than she can imagine...

It’s far too easy to turn on the news and learn about yet another young adult that has made a series of bad choices, said ignorant things or is being classified as “has no idea what they’re doing with their life”. Thankfully, when someone that is crafting a life of excellence and becoming a role model for her peers at just 17 - well, people take notice. Take for example the most-recent episode of The Animal Academy Podcast, where host Allison White welcomes Ella Palutis, who shares her current efforts with “The Roving Rovers” a group of young adults who are working with and showcasing the talents of dogs of all kinds. It’s all a very tiny portion of the group we all know as 4-H, and it’s the focus inside the episode we hope that you listen to and share to help everyone learn about the incredibly deep opportunities that await our young adults! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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