A Sports Doctor's Perspective on Coronavirus - The Healthy Young Athlete Podcast

Healthy Young Athlete 1 min read
Are you as an athlete - scared? How about as a parent? Believe it or not a little less structure in sports is a good thing. Not sure what we mean? Listen to what a Sports Doctor thinks about the impact of The Coronavirus...

The days of sports have changed - forever. While we all know they will return, what doesn't instantly appear is - hope, direction and relief for the "what do we do NOW?" feelings that are being stoked inside of the media and many community circles. The cessation of sports at all levels is something we simply haven't ever experienced before, but Dr. Mark Halstead has some excellent details, tips and thoughts about how the Coronavirus is impacting all of us. From the single family member, to the parent, to the collective family (especially those with kids in sports), to the people who are TRULY at high risk - it's time to fight this together. Ready to know more? | Listen to the Podcast!

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