Do You Hate Tropes as Much as We Do?

My Big Fat Pull List Podcast 1 min read
If You Think that Television has Made a Habit of Utilizing Tropes...

We have been party to stories on the smaller screen and on the silver screen for a very long time. For those that think that deep, quality, layered storytelling is only present in these mediums - you've got another think coming. The realm of comic books, graphic novels and sequential storytelling of all kinds has been one of the richest fields of entertainment, that continues to churn content faster than you can imagine. But for every excellent, well-told story, there are also ones that have not only been "told before" but have become legend for being a path to "yet another story." The avenues are called "tropes" and the My Big Fat Pull List Podcast team recently took a deep-dive to discuss it all! | Listen to the Podcast Now!

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